Three years married and it's time to FINALLY (#finALLYBAXTER) release wedding pictures! I never got around to sharing pictures with my people...with such AMAZING photographers and even better friends, Grant Daniels Photography! I wasn't able to narrow it down but I think I've done it sharing below...I'm not kidding when I say there are over a thousand to weed through, and every single picture is just as incredible as the next plus I still love them so much! We didn't do a videographer because Grant's pictures are truly better than a five minute video could've captured. He got every detail, angle, and energy moment from getting ready to riding off in our limo!!

As Connor and I planned our wedding we decided to pick three words so we could plan the night of our lives! They were people, place and pictures. These helped us navigate decisions, make things easier (such as burgers for dinner to feed the masses), and make our priorities fall into place! We prayed our people would hear the Gospel through our wedding, enjoy the convenience for those people having everything at one place and have something to look back on. During the ceremony I paused and stepped back and it's why I can remember every minute. The best piece of advice we could give during wedding would to be stick together, travel from friend groups together, and hit the dance floor early together! Major success!! 

Our party was big, our people rolled out, but more importantly over the past three years, Connor and I credit our marriage and unity through our Lord's faithfulness, provision and grace in our lives. We are advocates for young marriages when you have your hope in HIM alone! There are so many unique and fun details of this day, May 16th is a day that I literally can remember minute by minute what happened as I felt so loved and cherished. I hope you enjoy and I wish you could've been there to break it down on the dance floor!!!


A few details before we dive into pics!

Venue: Watermark Church (Dallas, TX)

Pastor: My sweet Dad did our ceremony, it was incredibly special and he definitely spoke just under a hour... My Father In Law was at the front when my Dad walked me down the aisle and he did the Welcome! All so dear to me.

Dress: Bhldn, Tasmin Dress

Suit + Swag: JHilburn, Sally Michael

Food: Burger House Dallas, duh!

Cake: The Lovin' Oven (Lancaster, TX)

Ice Cream: Braums but scooped (500 to be exact) with love by Wagners haha

Hair + Make Up: Missy Richardson

Invitations + Programs: Kirby Wagner

Ceremony Candles: Patty Snow

Bridal Bouquet + Flower Crown: Stems of Dallas, Patty Snow ;)

Flowers: My Mom, Lucina Thompson + their friends! Amazing!

Rings: Con designed my engagement ring as a crown after Proverbs 12:4 "an excellent wife is the crown of her husband." thanks to our friends at Lyles DeGrazier, Scott Polk. Connor's gold wedding band was designed after his Dads!

Photography: Grant Daniels Photography, Laine Daniels + Jordan Laessig

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