If y'all have been following Ramsey's style over her 18 months of life, you know she's not flowing in locks of hair yet ;) I am so excited to have been able to partner with Blu Taylor to get the word out on the cutest baby turbans. They are the best company, intentional in their purpose, and ultimately the most stylish BabyTurban out there. I loooove how they stay out of Ramsey's eyes. Each individual turban is hand-sewn with care to detail and every detail has a purpose. "Blu" signifying the blue thread in every hat regardless of material, symbolizing the HOPE that runs through every hat. "Taylor" meaning tailor-made!! I have sooo many colors / styles / fabrics for her and I don't want her head to grow so she can wear them for forever, which also means my dollars will continue to fly out the window as they have preemie-infant-child-adult sizes!!


"BluTaylor® Brand hats are a trendy and innovative new style of infant hat.  Our Patented design allows the hat to stay up and out of the eyes.  Unlike any turban on the market, we provide the look of a wrap with the ease of a hat!

Katie and her team are a Missional Business--which is so attractive to me! They operate their BT Preemie Program, which allows Moms to receive a FREE mini-version of our hats for their current NICU miracle. Ultimately, their heart is HOPE. HOPE for the NICU mom that just needs a piece of normalcy in midst of her daily emotional trauma.  HOPE for women that work with them, using their God-given skills so they can have the freedom of a creative outlet."  Simply amazing!!



These make for the best hospital photos for newborns all the way to playdates down the road! Rams gets stopped ALLLL the time and I love sharing with people about this intentionally fun family company.  

Go check them out and snag one as a unique baby shower gift!

Instagram is @shopblutaylor

Website is

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions on sizes or anything! I'd love to help!!

// Below are some pics of Ramsey enjoying her turbans over her life time haha!

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